The activity of the department

In the present urbanized world ornamental plants are almost such essential parts of the human environment as water or air. Some of them like ornamental trees and shrubs take directly part in the reduction of environmental damages (air pollution, dust, street noise), others effect in psychical ways as the improving of general feeling of people.
Based on these, floriculture is one of the most dynamically developing sector of horticulture, and together with the applied horticultural science show a continuously increasing importance.
Our department Floriculture and Dendrology undertakes the task of teaching the subjects of floriculture, dendrology and plant application at the most important institution of higher education of Hungary, on the levels of horticultural engineer, graduated horticultural engineer and graduated landscape architectural engineer. We take part in the education of regular courses, correspondence, complementary correspondence courses (distance learning) and over border correspondence profession.

In the new, two level education system:
At we teach BSc level during two semesters the basic knowledge of open ground and greenhouse ornamental plant production. Furthermore in the system of socalled B-subjects (optional, subjects) we make the students possible to get acquainted with the indoorplants, balcony and bedding plants, base of flower arrangement, and ornamental nursery production.
Those students who continue their study at MSc degree, based on their basic knowledge, get higher level education and, they are able to prepare their diploma work on the faculty of floriculture and dendrology.
Before specialization, the students of lower years through the scientific student circle have the possibility to join in the ornamental plant research. Our students often bring prizes from national competitions.
Those students from our specialized study group, who speak foreign languages well have the possibility to get a professional practice abroad in foreign producing firms (Great Britain, France, Germany, The Netherlands). The most outstanding graduated students can apply to the Doctoral School of Horticultural Science and after a successful entrance examination they can join as Ph.D. students to the educational and research work in the group Floriculture and Dendrology.
Beside its educational and research work our department provides the professional control of the university's Buda Arboretum. It complements well the possibilities of the Experimental and Study Farm as research area and gives obligatory help for the students in the learn of ornamental plants.